Keep Things Rolling and Help the Planet with Recycled Tyres

Sep 18 2013

Other parts of vehicles, however, are absolutely necessary. There are some parts of vehicles that are optional. Upgraded entertainment features, luxurious seat coverings, and other details are not necessary for the operation of the vehicle, but many car owners choose to purchase them in order to enhance the enjoyment of their car. Tyres, for example, are not an option. If you want your vehicle to actually move, you are going to have to have tyres that are in decent enough condition to work.

Another reality of tyres is that they do not last forever. Unlike some parts of your car, like that entertainment centre and cushy seat covers, your tyres will need to be replaced fairly frequently in order to keep them operational and safe. So what happens to the tyres that are removed from cars when their owners feel it’s time to replace them? Each year, millions are cast aside. This can cause some serious environmental issues.

Tyres are crafted out of a variety of materials including metal, rubber, and fabric. When tyres are discarded into landfills, they do not compress like materials such as paper, plastic and natural garbage do. This leaves them sitting out in piles, clogging the landfill and furthering pollution. The stacks of tyres lead to other problems as well. The open wells are an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes, and if a fire starts, these tyres make powerful fuel that spreads rapid, violent, difficult to extinguish fires.

Recycling your tyres helps protect the environment by keeping these tyres out of the landfills. The recycled materials can then be used for a variety of other projects including road surfacing, kiln fuel and safety padding.

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