Reduce, Reuse, Resell Your Car—How Recycling Your Unwanted Car Helps Save the Planet

Sep 18 2013

We all have a responsibility to help take care of the Earth. The world relies on us to do what we can to keep it healthy, beautiful, and alive for the generations to come. While there are many ways people work to protect the Earth, one way that is often overlooked is the recycling of cars. Every year, nearly half a million vehicles come to the end of their usefulness. Whether it is because the vehicles have gotten too old to be used, have been involved in an accident, or have otherwise become unwanted or unusable, these vehicles join the overwhelming amount of trash covering the planet.

Recycling your car allows your unwanted vehicle to become your personal step in saving the planet. When your vehicle is recycled, it is broken down into its basic components. Even if you don't drive your vehicle or it isn't running, chances are there are plenty of parts within it that are still completely usable. The recycling company removes these usable parts so they can be sold to others. Any metal parts that are unusable are shredded for scrap metal. This benefits both the environment and you. The recycled metal isn't ending up in the landfill, and you are paid for the metal.

Other parts of your vehicle can be recycled as well. Tyres can pose several hazards when disposed of improperly. When recycled, however, they are exceptionally useful. Fuel, road surfaces, padding, and other materials can be created using recycled tyres.

Recycling is about more than just keeping materials out of landfills and other areas. Using recycled materials allows for a dramatic reduction in energy and water usage in the production industry as well as far less air and water pollution.  

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