The Scrap Yard Treasure Hunt: Taking Care of Classics with Recycled Parts

Sep 18 2013

You don't have to head to a car lot to pick out your next vehicle. While it might be easier to just walk along rows of vehicles, pick one out, and drive off, this can be a bit unsatisfying. If you have the skill, the passion for classics, and the determination—and, of course, the parts---you may want to consider building your very own car.

The thought of building your own car may sound overwhelming and exorbitantly expensive, especially if you have a penchant for the beautiful old classic cars of generations ago. If you know where to look, however, you can find the parts you need to literally build the car of your dreams.

The first thing you need when you are planning to build your own restored classic is the chassis. This is the foundation of the entire vehicle and the basis on which you will create the rest of the car. Whether you are going to follow the exact pedigree of that chassis and restore it into your version of the vehicle it was when it was first made or you are going to get a bit more creative and develop your own concept, the chassis acts like the canvas on which you will create.

Once you have your chassis, you need your parts. You can buy these parts new, and some of them you will want to because of their importance or rarity. For others, however, you can use recycled to save money and time. The scrap yard is the perfect place to start your exploration. Roaming through the scrap yard is like the ultimate automotive treasure hunt. As you wander through you will find pieces, parts, and inspiration to develop your own classic.

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